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d20 Rifts - Psionic Adept

It makes sense to follow up yesterday's bit on psionics with the actual psion classes. The only psion base class is the Psionic Adept.

Psionic Adept

This is a core class.
The psionic adept is the primary practitioner of the arts within.  He taps into abilities that were released in a fraction of humans, and are present in a handful of other races.  However, unlike mages, psionic adepts do not draw on the power around them, but the power of their own bodies and minds.
            Abilities:  The primary ability for a psionic adept is Constitution, in order to have plenty of body to burn.  Other than that, the psionic adept needs to maintain balance in all of his aspects.
            Vitality:  1d10 plus Con modifier per level.

Class Skills
            The psionic adept’s class skills and the key abilities are listed below:

Class Skill                   Key Ability
Bluff                           Cha
Concentration             Wis
Craft                            Wis
Cultures                       Wis
Driver                          Dex
First Aid                      Wis
Hobby                         Wis
Intimidate                   Str/Cha
Knowledge                 Int
Profession                   Wis
Search                         Int
Sense Motive              Wis
Spot                             Wis
Survival                       Wis
Tumble                        Dex

Skill Points at 1st Level: (6 + Int modifier) × 4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int modifier.

Class Features
            The following are class features of the psionic adept.

            Starting Feats: At 1st level, the psionic adept gains the following feats.
            Armor Group Proficiency (Light)
            Armor Group Proficiency (Medium)
            Weapon Group Proficiency (Melee)
            Weapon Group Proficiency (Handgun)
            Weapon Group Proficiency (Rifle)

Psionic Class:  Levels in this class add to your psion level.

Bonus Feat:  At 1st level, the psionic adept receives a bonus psion or basic combat feat.  He receives an additional bonus feat at 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter.
Zen:  Whenever the psionic adept spends an action die to increase the result of a psion skill check, the same amount is added to his effective psion level for that check.  This is the psionic adept’s core ability.
Superhuman:  A psionic adept is able to not only draw power from his body, but feed power back into it.  Starting at 2nd level, once per session, the adept may add one-half his class level to any ability score for ten rounds.  This power is so exhausting, however, that the adept must rest completely for ten rounds afterwards, taking no actions and using no psion skills.  The duration of this ability may be cut short at the adept’s discretion, likewise cutting short the recovery period.  At 11th and 19th level, this ability may be used one additional time per session.
Psi Mastery:  Starting at 3rd level, the psionic adept chooses a psion skill that he has at least 1 rank in. He receives a +2 psionic bonus to all skill checks with that skill. For every 2 levels after 3rd, the adept selects an additional psion skill to receive this bonus.  If the same skill is chosen multiple times, the bonuses stack.
Ability Bonus:  Psionic adepts must constantly strive to improve themselves.  They are usually successful.  At 6th level, the adept may increase any one ability score by 1.  The adept may increase another (or the same) ability score by 1 every three levels thereafter.
Complete Focus:  At 10th level, the psionic adept gains extraordinary control over his abilities.  Once per session, he may choose to activate a psion skill as a full action rather than a half action.  If he does so, that psion skill has no vitality cost.  The adept may do this an additional time per session at 20th level.
Perfect Being:  At 14th level, the psionic adept is completely in tune with his own body, mind, and soul.  Once per session, he may add his psion level to a single saving throw.

1~ Bonus Feat, Zen
2~ Superhuman
3~ Psi Mastery
4~ Bonus Feat
5~ Psi Mastery
6~ Ability Bonus
7~ Psi Mastery
8~ Bonus Feat
9~ Psi Mastery, Ability Bonus
10~ Complete Focus
11~ Superhuman, Psi Mastery
12~ Bonus Feat, Ability Bonus
13~ Psi Mastery
14~ Perfect Being
15~ Psi Mastery, Ability Bonus
16~ Bonus Feat
17~ Psi Mastery
18~ Ability Bonus
19~ Superhuman, Psi Mastery
20~ Bonus Feat, Complete Focus

BAB:  Med
Fort:  High
Ref:  High
Will:  High
Def:  Low
Init:  Med
BP:  Low
GP:  Low

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