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d20 Rifts - Mystic

Some people are mages. Some people are psions. Mystics are both. In Rifts, they tend to be silly and under-powered. I tried to up their game with this prestige class.


This is a prestige class.
Mystics are unusual beings.  Neither truly mage, nor truly psion, they are a blending of both.  As such, they are exceptionally in tune with their own bodies and minds.  Most of their power comes from within, and they claim that we all can have the same power, if we can just be at peace with ourselves.

Abilities:  The core ability for a mystic is Wisdom.  Most mystics also have a high Intelligence and Constitution.
Vitality:  1d10 plus Constitution modifier per level.

            Agent Level: 5+
            Concentration: 4+
            Knowledge (Spellcraft): 4+
            Feats: Psion Prodigy, Initiate, any one psion Basics feat

Class Skills
            The Mystic’s class skills and key abilities are:

Class Skill                   Key Ability
Bluff                           Cha
Concentration             Wis
Cultures                       Wis
First Aid                      Wis
Gather Information     Wis
Intimidate                   Str/Cha
Knowledge                 Int
Languages                   Wis
Listen                          Wis
Profession                   Wis
Search                         Int
Sense Motive              Wis
Spot                             Wis
Survival                       Wis
Swim                           Str

Skill Points at Each Additional Level:  6 + Int modifier.

Class Features
            All of the following are class features of the Mystic:

            Class Feats:  The Mystic gains the following feats at 1st level:
                        Armor Proficiency (Light)
                        Weapon Group Proficiency (Melee)
                        Weapon Group Proficiency (Handgun)

            Casting Class:  Levels in this class add to your caster level. 
            Psion Class:  Levels in this class add to your psion level.

            Control Your Fate:  Whenever the mystic spends an action die on a saving throw, he gains the benefits of two action dice instead.  This is the mystic’s core ability.

            Bonus Feat:  The mystic gains one feat from either the mystic or psion trees.  The mystic must meet all prerequisites.  The mystic gains another feat at 3rd level, and every two levels thereafter.

            Meditative Trance:  The mystic is able to enter a meditative trance, in the same way a wild mage is.  At 2nd level, the mystic gains the first ability of the trance (enhanced recovery of PPE and vitality).  At 7th level, he gains the second ability (inspiration).  If the mystic also has levels in wild mage, he gains the next higher level of the trance instead.

            Tapping the Vein:  The mystic may select one additional source of PPE to draw on.  In addition, the shifter now increases her personal reserve by 2 PPE per class level.

            Finding the Balance:  At 4th level, the mystic’s natural tendency to enhance every part of his life comes to the forefront.  The mystic’s lowest ability score is raised by 2.  If more than one ability score is tied for lowest, then the player may choose which score is affected.
            At 8th level, the lowest score is again raised by 2.

            Superhuman:  A mystic is able to not only draw power from his body, but feed power back into it.  Once per session, the mystic may add one-half his class level to any ability score for ten rounds.  This power is so exhausting, however, that the mystic must rest completely for ten rounds afterwards, taking no actions and using no psion skills.  The duration of this ability may be cut short at the mystic’s discretion, likewise cutting short the recovery period.

            FlexFuel:  The mystic is not only able to use both magic and psionics, but at this stage can use one to fuel the other.  At 8th level, the mystic can use vitality to cast a spell, or PPE to activate a psion skill, at a 2-to-1 ratio.

            One Vision:  The mystic’s fusion of self is complete.  Once per session, the mystic can add his psion level and caster level together for the purpose of one action or effect that depends on either.

BAB:  Low
Fort:  Med
Ref:  Med
Will:  High
DB:  High
Init:  Med
BP:  Low
GP:  Med

1: Bonus Feat, Control Your Fate
2: Meditative Trance
3: Bonus Feat
4: Finding the Balance, Tapping the Vein
5: Bonus Feat
6: Superhuman
7: Meditative Trance, Bonus Feat
8: Finding the Balance, FlexFuel
9: Bonus Feat

10: One Vision

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