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d20 Rifts - Cyber-Knight

One of the most iconic classes in Rifts is the Cyber-Knight. For those not familiar, it's basically a Jedi, but with cybernetic implants. Here is my version of the Cyber-Knight as a prestige class.


Cyber-knights are the greatest heroes in Rifts.  They are pure, honest, and good.  They help the helpless and bring justice to the unjust.  They also frequently function as traveling lawmen, negotiating disputes and capturing outlaws.  No one is entirely sure exactly where they came from, or how they acquire their abilities.  Most are just happy that they exist.

Abilities:  The core abilities for a Cyber-Knight will be Strength to enhance their martial abilities, and Wisdom to know when to use them.  Many Cyber-Knights also have a high Charisma.
Vitality:  1d12 plus Constitution modifier per level.

            Agent Level: 5+
            Base Attack Bonus: +3 or better
            Sense Motive:  6+
            Psi-Sword: 8+
            Feats:  Cybered

Class Skills
            The Cyber-Knight’s class skills and key abilities are:

Class Skill                   Key Ability
Balance                       Dex
Climb                          Str
Concentration             Wis
Diplomacy                   Cha
Driver                          Dex
First Aid                      Wis
Gather Information     Cha
Handle Animal            Cha
Intimidate                   Str/Cha
Listen                          Wis
Sense Motive              Wis
Spot                             Wis
Survival                       Wis
Swim                           Str
Tumble                        Dex

Skill Points at Each Additional Level:  4 + Int modifier.

Class Features
            All of the following are class features of the Cyber-Knight:
            Class Feats:  The Cyber-Knight gains the following feats at 1st level:
                        Armor Proficiency (Light)
                        Armor Proficiency (Medium)
                        Weapon Group Proficiency (Melee)
                        Weapon Group Proficiency (Handgun)
                        Weapon Group Proficiency (Rifle)
            Crusade:  The Cyber-Knight is dedicated to eradicating evil from this world.  To this end, whenever he spends action dice while in combat with a supernatural evil being, he gains the benefit of two action dice.  This is the Cyber-Knight’s core ability.
            Psi-Sword Mastery:  The hallmark of the Cyber-Knight is his psi-sword.  As he grows in power, so too does his sword.  The Cyber-Knight adds his class levels to his psion levels to determine the power of the psi-sword.  At 1st level, and every two levels thereafter, he gains +1 to attacks made with his psi-sword.
            Additionally, at 1st level, activating the psi-sword is a free action.  At 3rd level, the vitality cost of activating the sword is reduced to 3.  At 7th level, the cost is reduced to zero.  At 5th level, the threat range of the psi-sword is increased by 1, and by an additional 1 at 9th level.
            Dermal Plating:  At 2nd level, the Cyber-Knight gains the dermal plating cybernetic enhancement.  At 7th level, the dermal plating is improved.
            Bonus Feat:  At 4th and 8th levels, the Cyber-Knight gains a bonus feat from either the psion or melee combat trees.
            Good Guys Always Win:  The Cyber-Knight is not only a warrior for good, but a passionate leader who can inspire others.  Beginning at 4th level, a Cyber-Knight may spend a half action offering encouragement to his allies, and dire threats to his enemies.  For a number of rounds equal to his class level, all allies who witnessed the encouragement will enjoy a +2 morale bonus to all attacks and saving throws.  At 8th level, this bonus increases to +4.
            Sterling Reputation:  No matter where you go, people have heard of Cyber-Knights.  At 6th level, a Cyber-Knight may trade on that reputation.  He may make favor checks of the local populace as though he had mediocre connections.
            Ultimate Sacrifice:  One of the hallmarks of the Cyber-Knight’s credo is the willingness to lay down his life to protect others.  At 10th level, once per session, the Cyber-Knight can convert any successful attack into a critical hit, without spending an action die.  This may be declared after the attack roll is made, but must be declared before damage is rolled.  After the attack, the Cyber-Knight loses all of his remaining vitality.

BAB:  High
Fort:  Low
Ref:  Med
Will:  Med
DB:  Med
Init:  Med
BP:  Low

GP:  High

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