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d20 Rifts - Ley Line Walker

Today is the first of our magical prestige classes. I turned the classic Rifts mage types into prestige classes, because they were all remarkably specialized. We begin with the most archetypal Rifts caster, the Ley Line Walker.

Ley Line Walker

 This is a prestige class.
All mages are in tune with the ley lines, those great rivers of energy that criss-cross the globe.  However, a select few go beyond simple familiarity and use of the ley lines, and develop an ability to manipulate the ley lines directly for their own ends. 

Abilities:  The core ability for a ley line walker is Intelligence.  Wisdom is a close second, for its benefit towards Concentration.
Vitality:  1d8 plus Constitution modifier per level.

            Agent Level: 5+
            Caster Level: 5+
            Concentration: 8+
            Knowledge (Spellcraft): 8+
            Ability to tap ley lines for PPE
            Feats: The Quickening

Class Skills
            The Ley Line Walker’s class skills and key abilities are:

Class Skill                   Key Ability
Appraise                      Int
Bluff                           Cha
Bureaucracy                Cha
Computers                   Int
Concentration             Wis
Craft                            Wis
Cryptography              Int
Cultures                       Wis
First Aid                      Wis
Gather Information     Wis
Hobby                         Wis
Innuendo                     Wis
Intimidate                   Str/Cha
Knowledge                 Int
Languages                   Wis
Listen                          Wis
Profession                   Wis
Read Lips                    Int
Search                         Int
Sense Motive              Wis
Sleight of Hand          Dex
Spot                             Wis
Surveillance                 Wis
Survival                       Wis
Swim                           Str

Skill Points at Each Additional Level:  8 + Int modifier.

Class Features
            All of the following are class features of the Ley Line Walker:

            Class Feats:  The Ley Line Walker gains the following feats at 1st level:
                        Armor Proficiency (Light)
                        Weapon Group Proficiency (Melee)
                        Weapon Group Proficiency (Handgun)

            Casting Class:  Levels in this class add to your caster level.

            Natural Habitat:  Whenever a Ley Line Walker spends an action die while on a ley line, he receives the benefits of two action dice instead.  This is the ley line walker’s core ability.

            Special Ability:  Ley Line Walkers are masters of the ley lines.  They have a very impressive arsenal of tricks to call upon.  At 1st level and every two levels after, the Ley Line Walker can choose to gain the benefits of one of the following special abilities.  Only the Bonus Feat and Bonus Spell abilities may be selected more than once.
            Bonus Feat:  The Ley Line Walker may choose one bonus mystic feat.
            Bonus Spell:  The Ley Line Walker may choose to add any one spell to her grimoire.
            Drift:  The Ley Line Walker can relax, and allow his body to simply follow the flow of energy along the ley line.  His body will float along serenely at a speed of 10, automatically dodging any obstacles in his way.  The Walker can choose which direction along the line he wishes to follow, but must stay on the line.  Concentration is not required to maintain this ability, and the Walker may choose to meditate, study, or even sleep.
            Observation Ball:  With a simple effort of will, the ley line walker can call into existence a small orb.  The orb will move (at a speed of 30) anywhere on the line the walker wishes.  As the orb is created from ley line energy, it is indistinguishable from the ley line itself, except to the walker who created it.  So long as the ley line walker is on the same line as the observation ball, she can opt to see and hear as though he was in the location of the ball, instead of with her natural senses.  The walker does not gain the benefit of any gear, divination spell, or other enhancement to her senses while using the orb.
            Read Ley Lines:  The ley line walker is, naturally, very in tune with the ebb and flow of energy along the ley lines.  With a Concentration check, he is able to sense events up and down the ley line, even if they are out of sight.  These events include, but are not limited to: the distance to the nearest nexus point in each direction along the line; the direction and distance of any ley line storms on the line; the direction and distance of any major natural events that touch the line (e.g., storms, earthquakes, forest fires); the direction and distance to any site of massive, recent death near the line; the presence of any current ley line transmissions along the line (though not the contents).
            Sense Magic:  The ley line walker lives and breathes the energies of magic.  As such, she can detect its presence around herself at any time.  With a successful Concentration check, the ley line walker can discover: 
  • the approximate distance and direction to the closest ley line, or nexus point 
  • the approximate direction and strength of any PPE pool larger than 30 PPE (including the natural pool of a caster)
  • the presence and approximate direction of any spell effect which required more than 30 PPE to cast.  

Additionally, the distance at which the walker’s Quickening feat is effective is increased to 25’ per PPE.
            Transmission: Thoughts are able to travel along the currents of the ley line as easily as leaves on the surface of a river.  The ley line walker is able to focus his thoughts, and send them virtually instantaneously to a designated recipient along the line.  To initiate the contact, the walker must make a Concentration check.  When the message reaches its intended target, the target is instantly aware of it, and must make a Concentration check to receive it.  If the sum of the two Concentration checks is greater than the distance in feet between the sender and target divided by 1000, then the transmission is successful.  Note that ley line transmissions can be intercepted, and the sender will not know if the target successfully received the message.

            Bonus Spell:  Beginning at 2nd level, the ley line walker may choose any one spell to add to her grimoire.  She may add an additional spell at 7th level.

            Tapping the Vein:  At 4th level, the ley line walker may select one additional source of PPE to draw on.  In addition, the walker now increases her personal reserve by 5 PPE per class level.

            Bonus Feat:  The ley line walker may choose a bonus feat at 4th and 8th level.  The feat must be from either the mystic or covert feat trees, and the ley line walker must meet all prerequisites.

            Multiplier:  The ley line walker is able to use the benefits of a ley line even more effectively than a typical mage.  When within 500’ of a ley line, spell effects are doubled.  When on a ley line, spell effects are quadrupled.  When at a nexus point, spell effects are multiplied by 10.  When at a super-nexus point, spell effects are multiplied by 20.  This is in place of the typical effects of casting on or near a ley line.

            Rejuvenation:  While on a ley line, the ley line walker heals at twice the normal rate.  Additionally, once per day as a full action, the ley line walker can instantly heal a number of vitality equal to his caster level while on a ley line.

            Ley Line Phasing:  All ley lines are connected.  And, to a ley line walker, all ley lines are as one.  With this ability, the walker is able to teleport to any point on a ley line by spending an action die.  He can only move along the ley line he is currently on with each “hop.”  But, if he stops at a nexus point, he can immediately “hop” again along one of the other lines going through that point.  Using this ability takes a half action.

BAB:  Low
Fort:  Med
Ref:  Med
Will:  High
DB:  Med
Init:  Med
BP:  Med
GP:  Med

1: Special Ability, Natural Habitat
2: Bonus Spell
3: Special Ability
4: Bonus Feat, Tapping the Vein
5: Special Ability
6: Multiplier
7: Bonus Spell, Special Ability
8: Bonus Feat, Rejuvenation
9: Special Ability
10: Ley Line Phasing

Sense Magic
Read Ley Lines
Ley Line Transmission
Ley Line Drifting

Ley Line Observation Ball

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