Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PA - System Concept

Watch this space. It's likely to change. I'm free-thinking this right now.

I had a brainstorm walking the dog this morning. I really like the Edge of Midnight resolution system. I was talking to Kevin about it and his new idea for a game while I was in Seattle. I think I might want to use it for my post-apoc setting.

Except, of course, I also want to use MasterCraft. But that's a different post.

Thinking happens in 3..2..1..

Basic resolution system of EoM: You have Stat and Skill. Roll 2 d10. Add your Stat to one, and your Skill to the other. If both are lower than the TN, you fail. If both are higher, then you get a full success. If one is higher and one lower, you get a partial success (just like a success, but with some extra cost or consequence).

Mash it up with some of the bits of FATE/SotC. Specifically, Aspects, the Skill pyramid, and Stunts.

Add back in Professions from EoM, but beef them up a bit. Allow Professions to modify the Skill pyramid.

Use a magic system I've been toying with, that involves build-your-own spells. Probably 10 different "schools:" Wards, Illusions, Summoning, Elemental, Divination, etc. The whole thing runs on qualities. You Ward against a quality, add or subtract an Illusory quality, try to divine the presence of a quality, etc. You then also modify the TN based on picking things like range, number of targets, how hard it is to resist, etc.

There would also need to be a race mechanic. Not a big deal there.

Try to keep a fast and light combat system. Probably crib heavily from SotC.

Need to figure a good way to handle gear. Gear is important in post-apoc, and needs a bit more finesse than in most other settings.

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