Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Always with the delays

This is something of the typical "sorry I'm not posting more" post.  I've been busy.  I've been producing output that isn't blog material.  And, you know, I'm a slacker.

There are a couple other reasons, too.  Mark Meredith, better known as the Dice Monkey, threw out a challenge on Twitter a while back to comment on at least three blog posts a day.  It is an excellent suggestion.  I've been trying hard to keep up with that.  Of course, that means that I need to keep up with a lot of blog posts.  The new RPG Blog Alliance has been helping considerably with that.  It especially helps me target blog posts that don't get a lot of traffic.  I mean, I love Rob Donoghue's stuff, but he really doesn't need my comment just to let him know he's not howling into the wilderness. 

And, I have to say, it's really important for me to get that kind of feedback.  I know that I often have lulls in my posting precisely because I don't feel like anyone is reading them anyway.  A comment, any comment, helps to alleviate that, and spur me to more posting.  The ever-amazing Will Hindmarch made the same point on Twitter just yesterday.  So, as the saying sort of goes, be the change you want to see.  If I want traffic coming in here, I ought to give other blogs the love.

On another note, I've also been profligately wasting my word count.  The aforementioned Mark is currently on something of a hiatus due to a beautiful new baby girl.  I penned a couple of blog posts for him, one on An Unusual Source of GM Tips and one on Reward Types.  So, go check those out.

And, remember people.  Comments are love.  (/pity party)

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